Modelling Meeting in Krakow

12-14 February 2018

Workgroup in Krakow

The second transnational meeting of the project was held at the University of Agriculture in Krakow on 12-14 February 2018.

On the agenda:

  • Quick reports on the progress of tasks 2.1 (review on agroecology), 2.3 (typical farms and local particularities) and 2.4 (indicators to pilot the farm)
  • Presentation of a draft conceptual model for the game
  • Open discussion on the main characteristics of the game: detail level, time step, model structure
  • Workshop on inputs and outputs needed/produced by each module, module structure (scheme) and internal flows
  • Collective work on the interactions and connections between modules
  • Final discussions and agreement on conceptual model
  • Discussion on scenario creation and game interface
  • Steering Comitee meeting
Published on: 15/05/2018